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Meco Engineering has been involved with the construction of several unique, Industrial Projects.

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As an environmentally conscious company, the Huntly Power Station was a challenging project for us, having built the first hybrid cooling tower in New Zealand.

The seven cell cooling tower we built for the new E3p combined cycle power-station showcases the latest technology in energy efficiency. The tower reduces the temperature of the water used and utilises a conventional wet section as well as a heat exchanger dry section.

Highlighting our adaptability, we constructed the entire tower from fibre-glass reinforced plastic. It’s a material of the future - we believe - as it’s light, less expensive, easy to work with and has the strength comparable to steel.

The project commenced in 2005 and involved building a tower 110 metres long, 16 metres wide and 18 metres tall. It was a challenging task, requiring upwards of 60 staff, plus support from the New Plymouth workshops.  Part of the project involved installing 11 metre diameter fans and 200 horse-power reduction drive units.


The contract for the building of this 10-cell cooling tower was signed mid 2007 and the project has been completed under the supervision of our appointed site manager. 

Meco was fortunate with the level of committment of staff and contractors involved.  For the duration of entire project Meco had zero days recorded in lost time as a result of injury.

The project holds National and International significance for Meco - proving our capability with major construction and being able to match extensive demands for labour, expertise, equipment and machinery.  


Meco Engineering can offer professional assistance and a comprehensive service for the construction and associated repairs and maintenance of cooling towers in the Energy Industry. 

  • Fibre-glass infill gluing, preparation, installation, repairs and replacement.
  • Tower framework construction - elevation and installation
  • Fan stack assembly, repairs and installation
  • Fan blade repairs and replacement
  • Mechanical power reduction drive unit assembly, replacement and repairs
  • Qualified project management, engineering supervision and trade staff
  • On-site capabilities including labour demands, expertise, equipment and machinery

Contact Managing Director, Ian Lind, directly for enquiries, advice and quotations.

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