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Meco Engineering has been involved with the construction of several unique, Industrial Projects.

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The emergency standby generator for the New Plymouth District Council was handled as a full turn-key project involving the full supply and installation, sub-trade management and commissioning.

The generator was 5.5 tonnes and had to blind lifted and lowered over 25 metres into a restricted entrance of an existing building. It then had to be maneuvered onto an existing, finished floor and secured.

Full HAZNO standards were met and signed off by the relevant inspection authorities, with a full QA package provided by Meco Engineering to the client.




Initially Meco was contracted to fabricate, assemble and erect a monorail access platform for the waste water plant at Waiwakaiho, including the installation of flight pumps and cast iron control pipe systems.

Later we were required to install effluent holding tank screening systems that consisted of a central column, access bridge, drive motor assemblies and drag support arms.  Further work included the fabrication and installation of stainless steel control weirs, flock and flow elevation skirting.

New Plymouth District Council has a committment to local business and provides Meco Engineering with ongoing opportunities.



A landmark of this development is the architecturally designed canopy that is an eye-catching feature that provides shelter and a display area for local events. 

The framework for the canopy, roof panelling, clear domes, feature lighting and displays, plus numerous handrails were manufactured and installed by Meco. 

The attraction of a natural flowing stream, coupled with selective shade planting and other public amenities create a high pedestrian flow which has resulted in a central city plaza that is quite a focal point for the city.

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